Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365

We offer a variety of services to take your business into the cloud. Using Microsoft 365 minimises your onsite hardware costs while maximising employee productivity. Computer360 has the experience and expertise to help clients set up and use Office 365 to improve their business outcomes. Microsoft 365 allows your business to have a corporate-level email system and collaboration infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. Nowadays more employees spend their time away from the office, so your business needs a workplace that simplify collaboration between your staff.



Office 365 includes Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, delivering a comprehensive collaboration platform. SharePoint makes it easy to create an easy-to-use intranet tool, accessible from any device, while Teams offers a unified communications platform combining workplace chat, video meetings, file storage and application integration. OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based file storage and synchronisation service.



Flexibility in the cloud

Microsoft 365 is underpinned by a resilient, highly reliable cloud infrastructure. That means there is no need for locally stored servers and legacy infrastructure. By removing physical hardware, businesses can free-up time to focus on more strategic tasks and reduce the day-to-day costs associated with mobility, technology, energy, storage, personnel and compliance.


Microsoft 365 is built with security in mind. The “backend” of the infrastructure is maintained by Microsoft themselves meaning you get business-class security and compliance as standard. This is a huge benefit when you consider that traditional, on-premise systems are reliant on what a company can afford. 

Remote Working

Microsoft 365 allows you to store files in the cloud meaning you can access information anywhere, anytime. It is designed to work on many different types of devices. You even have the option of using the apps within a browser, meaning you are not tied to a device and can work just as effectively and securely from a personal machine or an internet café.

Cost Optimization

Microsoft 365 is paid for as a subscription model. This is in stark contrast to earlier versions of Office products that had to be repurchased and installed every time a new version came out. With Microsoft 365, upgrades are part of the monthly cost meaning you will always be operating with the latest version.


ive collaboration on documents is a great benefit of Microsoft 365 and is made very easy with tools such as SharePoint. SharePoint enables information to flow seamlessly throughout your business and is a central point of storage for all documentation. Staff can easily share links to documents and work simultaneously with others.

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