IT Security

Protect your business against unwanted attackes

Firewall Security

The C Shield 360 is a smart access Unified Threat Management device located at your premises, allowing you to remotely control your entire network from one centralised location.


  • Monitor your staff’s internet usage
  • Protect your Network
  • Block unproductive websites
  • Report from anywhere, anytime
VPNs – Remote Users and Offices
  • Certificate-based VPN connectivity.
  • Site-to- site and user-to- site connectivity supported
  • NEW! VLAN Support
Phishing Attack Prevention
  • Users cannot bypass suspected malware or phishing websites’ browser warnings.
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Per Protocol identification of all internet traffic.
Firewall Security
  • Built-in firewall proxy scans all web traffic for potential phishing sites.
  • In-line Unified Management Threat device.
  • Additional perimeter protection.
Cloud-Stored Usage Reports
  • All usage statistics are stored in the cloud to prevent any possible data loss.
  • Usage statistics are retained on local storage in the event of Internet connectivity loss.
  • All Summary Header Records are retained.
Multi-Link Capability (Auto Failovers)
  • Manage multiple Internet connections
  • Failover provides peace of mind should your Internet connection fail.
Website / Blacklist Filtering
  • Use predefined or custom website black lists to prevent users from accessing unauthorised
  • NEW! DNS-based blocking.
  • C Shield 360 is built to detect the usually unmonitored HTTPS protocol ensuring all traffic is reported.
  • C Shield 360 has its own private Certificate Authority which must be trusted by clients to prevent warnings to users while maintaining a high level of security.
  • HTTPS exclusion list for specific transactions.

Enterprise Anti-Virus

We offer various resource-efficient security solutions that provide high performance and protection which is easy to deploy on any device.

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